Campaign to save fund for work experience in Havering

Schools that provide work placements are facing footing the bill for costs after a government grant was axed.

The grant, which stopped on April 1, helped support placements by paying a subsidy.

They previously paid �27 of the �57.40 bill per child, which goes towards health and safety and CRB checks in the workplace.

Now each school will face paying the full cost.

Bernie Williams, headteacher at Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School, said: “I believe this situation to be totally unfair to schools that happen to fall in the schedule after April for work experience.

“We did not budget for this and are not at all clear where this money will be found.”

Although schools are committing to providing placements for the current academic year, it is not yet decided whether they will have to cut back next year.

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‘Significant mistake’

The Business and Education Partnership (BEP Group), which organises the placements on the behalf of 17 schools in the borough, has set up a Facebook page in support of funding for work experience placements.

Kelly Sims, chief executive of the BEP Group, said if there was enough public support they would consider launching a petition to the government.

He said: “We had been planning for this possibility and we are happy to say that we are continuing with the majority of our schools to deliver a work experience service across Havering and Redbridge.

“If you feel, as we do, that the government has made a significant mistake in withdrawing funding for work experience and for undervaluing its importance to young people, schools and employers please go to our Facebook page.”

-It can be found at