Bus blog goes live to help disabled passengers in Havering

A bus blog detailing the problems faced by disabled passengers in Havering went live last week in a bid to improve public transport for those with mobility issues. Sophie Cowdero, 21, and Liam Prospere, 22, set the Havering Transport Action Group, after being repeatedly refused aboard buses and experiencing rude behaviour from drivers.

The dedicated website and blog Bus Diaries will accompany the campaign, which already has 50 members, to help draw attention and raise awareness about the cause.

The pair, who live at the CMG’s (Care Management Group) The Ridgeway supported living service in The Ridgeway, Hornchurch, also want to address the fact that Havering has one of the lowest percentages of accessible bus stops in the capital.

Sophie recently attended the Mayor’s Question Time in The Queen’s Theatre, in Billet Lane, Hornchurch, where she asked Boris Johnson directly what he is doing to improve disabled access to local busses.

Wheelchair user Sophie said: “I sometimes have problems with the buses, the ramps don’t work and the drivers can be rude. My friends have these problems too.

“I liked talking to Boris about it and would like to talk to him again and ask him more questions.”

Sophie and Liam have also engaged politicians on the issue, including MP for Hornchurch and Upminster, Angela Watkinson, who endorsed the Bus Diaries.

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Sophie and Liam already represent their peers’ views through the CMG’s Service User Parliament.

Lianna Etkind, who works for charity, Transport for All, said: “Fair and equal access to public transport is something we are passionate about, and Sophie and Liam’s commitment and dedication has been inspirational.

View the blog and campaign at www.thebusdiaries.com