Brentwood School praised for its community work

Brentwood School has been endorsed by the schools’ commissioner for its work in the local community.

Dr Elizabeth Sidwell, who was guest of honour at the school’s speech day and prize giving event on Saturday, praised the school’s caring and inclusive ethos and their work with other local schools.

She is responsible for the Coalition’s academies and Free Schools programmes.She said during the event that “the best way was to get school’s helping each other,” and added, “Brentwood School has a way to lead and is leading.”

She commended the school’s work with the Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School to jointly run an Ancient Greek Club, inspiring students to study the classical language.

The club has been running for the last year supported by staff and students from Brentwood School’s classics department as well as pupils from the Ursuline Convent. Already many of those attending the club have decided to work towards further study of Classics at Oxbridge.

Dr Sidwell revealed she also shared personal links with Brentwood School after her Great Aunt taught history at the school and was one of the first female teachers and her son was a former East House Master.

Earlier this month Dr Sidwell hit the headlines when she blamed poor parenting for a rise in the number of children starting school unfit for the demands of compulsory education.

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She called for the creation of a five-a-day guide to give parents step-by-step advice on how to raise their sons and daughters.

In her present role she is visiting schools and local authorities nationwide, working with heads, governors and sponsors to ensure a world-class education system.