An Upminster school has made ‘good improvements’ thanks to the drive of its headteacher

An Upminster school has received a glowing report from education watchdog Ofsted after making “good improvements” since its last inspection.

Gaynes School, in Brackendale Gardens, was credited with the good report because of “the relentless drive of the headteacher and other leaders, including governors, to raise expectations of what the students can do.”

As part of the inspection 32 part lessons were observed, inspectors held meetings with staff, the governing body and a representative from Havering Council and talked to students. They also took account of the 68 parents and carers who responded to an online questionnaire.

Lead inspector Ann Short described the teaching as “enthusiastic”, the relationships as “very positive” and said students enjoyed school and wanted to do well.

She also noted: “Students make good progress over their time in the school. Those who find learning difficult are helped to learn as well as possible.”

Highlights included students doing well in GCSE exams, particularly in English and maths; good attendance levels and behaviour; and the school’s ability to work well with parents and carers to “develop a strong school community” and to “support their children with their learning”.

The report added: “The school looks after its school leavers very well, ensuring no student is without a study, training or work placement for the following year.”

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But the school needs to make improvements before it can be classed as outstanding. Inspectors said students are not achieving well enough in modern foreign languages; teaching, and although good, sometimes misses opportunities to encourage students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of topics because superficial work is accepted too readily.

They added that not all subjects encourage students’ numeracy and literacy skills well enough.