An Upminster primary school’s teaching is rated ‘not good enough’ in Ofsted inspection

An education watchdog has rated a Havering school as satisfactory, and said its teaching was “not good enough”.

Ofsted inspectors visited James Oglethorpe Primary School, in Upminster in early October to examine every aspect of the school, teaching, and attainment.

In the report, published last week, lead inspector Lesley Leak said the achievement of pupils, quality of teaching and leadership and management needed improvement; and the behaviour and safety of the pupils was good.

The report said: “There is not enough good teaching. Inconsistencies are often linked to planning that does not take accurate account of what pupils need to learn next.

“Systems for managing the performance of staff are not yet consistently applied, particularly in linking teaching to pupils’ progress.”

It went on to say: “Pupils do not always know their targets and are often unclear about what they are aiming for in a piece of work.

“Targets are not routinely referred to when work is marked and there are insufficient opportunities for pupils to correct their mistakes and to reflect on what they need to do next.”

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Inspectors praised the schools teaching of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and said they make good progress in Reception “reaching standards that are well above national expectations in most areas of their development.”

Children’s behaviour in and out of lessons, and their contribution to group work was also praised. They noted that the governing body has also become better at challenging and supporting the school since the last inspection.

Inspectors asked the school to improve the quality and consistency of teaching by ensuring the work set is sufficiently challenging and teachers use their knowledge of pupils’ capabilities to plan their next stages of learning.

The school was asked to ensure that leaders and managers identify and reflect on how pupils have done effectively; and that underperformance in teaching is resolved by holding teachers to account for pupils’ outcomes through performance targets to assess the quality of teaching.