A Harold Hill school inspired children to love reading and drawing

A Harold Hill primary school has been inspiring children to love reading.

Broadford Primary School has held a number of events this year including a World Book Day extravaganza, featuring Willy Wonka hiding golden tickets around the school, a Mad Hatter hosting a tea party, a workshop led by author Anthony Lishake, and last week illustrator Mike Spoor visited the children in school.

Mike is a visual artist who is well-known for his eyecatching illustrations of the Dinosaur Cove series of books.

He led three workshops during the course of the day, including simple drawing techniques, instructions on materials and demonstrations on how to draw.

Emanuel Pala, 10, said: “I couldn’t believe how a few simple lines became such a good drawing.”

James Burnett, 10, said: “I couldn’t wait to get home and give it a go. I’ve asked Father Christmas for a box of charcoals. I’d love to be an artist like Mike.”

He will return to the school in the New Year to do some more workshops with the pupils to develop their drawing skills.