Dream coming true for writer

A WRITER who also co-manages a successful Upminster gym is hoping to follow in the footsteps of JK Rowling after the first of her trilogy of children’s adventure stories was published.

Julie Earle, who runs Stan’s Gym in Aveley Road with her husband, Stan, is celebrating The Magical Gate being published by Fullproof Publishing.

Julie said: “I am really excited because I feel like all my hard work has finally paid off.”

Julie, 34, from Thurrock, started writing two years ago after being inspired by watching her four children playing under the cherry tree in her garden.

The housewife enrolled on a writing course and submitted a transcript of some of the story, but was told the fairy industry was closed off and publishers were looking for something new.

Julie said: “I was disappointed but thought that I would stop submitting and make this my own secret project because I could see the characters come to life and I could hear them.

“My children were supportive because when I felt like giving up they wrote me encouraging notes.”

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Instead of giving up on her story, Julie decided to continue writing the book as her own personal project outside of the classes.

She juggled writing the book with her children and helping out at her husband’s gym and wrote at night when everyone had gone to bed.

She said: “I feel that I have proved them wrong but they have helped me as well because the course encouraged me to search for a publisher.”

Six months ago, Julie came across Fullproof Publishing on the internet and after sending them a transcript of the story it was accepted.

The book is based on heroine Amy, who finds herself fighting to save not only herself but her mystical fairyland and is hailed as “gripping readers from ages three to 83”.

Julie said: “I would love to follow in JK Rowling’s footsteps because she has done very well and I really admire what she has achieved.”

A 90-second 3D animation bringing the book to life is available from Julie’s websites www.themagicalgate.com