Dog attack left Rainham woman with broken hip

An 80-year-old woman has been left needing surgery after a dog attack left her with a broken hip, wrist and fingers.

Dorothy Neil, 80, was in Brittons Park on Friday afternoon walking her greyhound Toby when they were attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier after it turned on them.

Mrs Neil, of Rainham Road, was taken to the Queen’s Hospital, in Rom Valley Way, Romford, while her dog was taken to the vets with internal injuries.

Her son Keith Neill said: “She was on the ground, but trying to get between them.

“The dog charged across the park to attack my mum’s dog.

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“Mum was fit and healthy before this happened and loved going for walks twice a day with her dog.”

Mrs Neil had surgery at the Queen’s on Friday and had a plate inserted to repair her hip and both her arms are in casts because of severe bruising and lacerations from the dog bites.

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Mr Neil added: “It is lucky that my mum was fit and healthy.

“A more frail woman or a child out walking their dog in the park could have been killed, and the next time this dog attacks in this way they may well be, so something needs to be done.”

But Mr Neil said he was not happy with the police’s initial handling of the case and has since filed a complaint.

He said: “They were refusing to take any action on the basis that it was ‘an accident’.

“My mum is also very angry that this dangerous dog is still free to roam the streets, and she shares my concern about what might happen the next time it attacks.”

A police spokesman said: “Following additional information received regarding the injuries suffered by the victim together with the circumstances as to how these injuries were received an investigation into this matter has been authorised.”

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