Doctors failed to act

QUEEN’S Hospital was forced to apologise to the family of a six-year-old who died after several doctors failed to admit him to hospital with headaches.

An inquest into the death of Oluwatimilehin “Timi” Owojori from St Neots Road, Romford, recorded a verdict of natural causes to which negligence contributed after the hearing on Tuesday heard that the youngster died just hours after he was discharged from the hospital in Rom Valley Way, Romford on November 16 last year.

Coroner Dr Elizabeth Stearns said: “I have had to consider Timi’s physical condition which was such that showed that he needed further investigation and admitting.

“We heard evidence from Dr M Ahmed who said that red flags should have been ringing at headaches in a healthy child which intensified, and doctors had a child that looked sleepy, withdrawn and had a blood pressure higher than normal.”

On November 16, Timi was rushed to the hospital by London Ambulance crews after he was found collapsed at home at around 3am.

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Timi was seen by a GP, before being checked by another doctor after the family felt that he was dismissive of them.

The doctor noted Timi’s blood pressure and despite cries from the boy that his neck and head hurt, he said that he had a migraine and sent the boy home telling his parents to watch his diet.

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But just hours after he was discharged from the hospital at around 8am his mum noticed that he had secretion coming from his mouth and could not be roused.

The ambulance crews were called and he was taken to Queen’s Hospital where staff tried in vain to revive him.

The Pyrgo school student, who was forced to miss days off school because of his headaches, first started complaining of the pains on October 25 and two days later he was taken to see a GP who told them that it was just headaches.

But despite taking painkillers Timi’s headaches continued and on November 6 it became so severe that he was taken to Queen’s.

Evidence heard from Dr Pandya heard that Timi was diagnosed with a urine infection and was given antibiotics and was told that he should go to see a optician.

On November 7, Timi was able to get an appointment at the opticians which came up negative but the optician was so concerned that she asked him to attend again on November 11 for a more thorough check.

When he returned on the 11, Timi’s eyes were showed to be normal but the optician wrote a letter to the GP saying that he needed a full medical examination because she could see that the boy was very unwell.

On November 8, he was taken to King George Hospital and the doctor felt that he was normal but asked for him to be seen by paediatric Dr K Odoki who also felt that it was just headaches and maybe the start of migraines.

Evidence heard from Dr Tanner heard that Timi died from problems caused by a giant aneurysm and the cause of his headaches was the aneurysm increasing in size.

Dr M Ahmed consultant Paediatrician said that opportunities were missed when Timi could have been given a CT scan and admitted into hospital which would have showed the aneurysm and could have saved his life.

The family of Timi have issued an emotional tribute to him, it reads: “We the family of Oluwatimilehin Owojori can only thank God for the nearly seven years he gave us with him

“Timi gave us so much joy and he was such a blessing to us and everyone he came into contact with,

“We would like to thank the school, our church, neighbours, family and friends for the overwhelming support, Timi is gone but not lost, gone but not forgotten,.

“We miss him so much but we know he is in a better place.”

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