Do our Conservative councillors live in Havering?

Questions have been raised over the residency of Conservative councillors in the borough after the leader of the council was unable to immediately confirm their current home addresses.

Cllr Michael White was put under the spotlight at the full council meeting last Wednesday, being asked by Leader of the Residents’ Association Cllr Clarence Barrett to “confirm that the principal residence of all Conservative members is within the boundary of the borough.”

Conservative leader Cllr White was unable to offer a response at the time, coming back a few days later with the somewhat roundabout answer: “The rules are that you either have to reside, own property or work in Havering at the time of the election. To my knowledge all Councillors meet those criteria. If Cllr. Barrett knows differently then I would ask him to put forward that information.”

To which Cllr Barrett hit back: “The question relates to current residency and not at the time of the election in May 2010. This is a simple question which requires a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ response. One must wonder why the answer given needs to be so evasive? As such we will continue to pursue the matter.”

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