Demolition making residents’ lives a “living hell” in Rainham

Rainham householders claim their lives have been made a “living hell” by huge demolition works being carried out on their doorstep.

Residents of Blenheim Court, in the new Orchard Village Estate, were delighted after moving into their brand-new flats in July, as part of the �80bn renovation of the old Mardyke Estate.

That was until the wreckers moved in on an old block of flats just across the road, two weeks ago.

“It looks like there’s been a nuclear blast,” said carer Annie Isaacs. “Everything is covered in dust, glass, sand and a polystyrene-like substance.”

She added: “No-one has given us any advice. My washing is ruined and my plants are dying. It’s a living hell and it’s due to go on for another six weeks.”

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The estate is being knocked down and rebuilt in phases, with tenants moving into their new homes while construction takes place elsewhere on the estate.

Now some worried residents have stopped their children playing outdoors, for fear the fine particles in the air could be dangerous.

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Mum of three Annie said: “I can already feel it affecting my health; I’m finding it difficult to breathe outside. We’ve been given no advice on how to deal with this.”

But June Morgon, managing director of Old Ford Housing Association, which runs the estate, said all health and safely rules were being followed.

“We would like to reassure our residents that we take health and safety very seriously, and are following all procedures throughout the regeneration of Orchard Village,” she said.

She said works nearest homes were stopped immediately after the Recorder contacted the Old Ford with residents’ concerns.

“Our contractors reported some small articles falling outside of the construction area,” said June, “and we are putting in even more protection to the site.”

She added: “We are providing additional advice to our residents to help them limit the impact of the dust and ask that our residents bear with us.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this work is causing residents. Large demolition work like this does cause dust and we are doing everything we can to ensure that this is kept to the minimum.”

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