Harold Wood residents delighted as deer graze outside their windows

deer grazing

The herd seemed comfortable around people - Credit: Alex Sarzi-Sartori

A herd of deer were spotted relaxing in Harold Wood on Saturday (April 17). 

The animals were seen sitting in the shade of the trees outside people's homes.

The creatures wondered over in the early hours of Saturday morning

The creatures wandered over in the early hours of Saturday morning - Credit: Alex Sarzi-Sartori

Resident of five years Alex Sarzi-Sartori told the Recorder he was woken up around 9am by a neighbour phoning him to go and look. 

He said: “I was very incredulous as I thought the best we could get in our neck of the woods was foxes, (but) lo and behold, there they were in all their majesty." 

The herd were seen shading under trees in Harold Wood

The herd were seen shading under trees in Harold Wood - Credit: Alex Sarzi-Sartori

Alex said the deer seemed to be well behaved and at ease around humans, though people stayed around 10ft away. 

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The amateur photographer added: “It was particularly lovely seeing the community come out slowly to admire them on this sunny day. 

“I met more people that afternoon than in my five years living here.” 

Deer grazing Harold Wood

Residents saw the animals grazing outside their windows - Credit: Alex Sarzi-Sartori

During lockdown, herds of deer began roaming around urban estates but people were urged to keep away from the animals and keep their dogs on leashes. 

In February, the Harold Hill Deer Aid group raised concerns that proposed new homes in Harold Hill could ruin the habitat of deer who roam the area. 

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