Dagenham & Redbridge boss proud of squad’s courage after Charlton comeback

Still praises players’ determination following last-minute equaliser at The Valley

DAGGERS boss John Still said Saturday’s last-gasp leveller at The Valley was typical of his side’s never-say-die attitude.

The 60-year-old is well-known for prioritising temperament as highly as talent when scouting a potential signing and believes Jon Nurse, who equalised with a header in the 94th minute, is symbolic of the team’s overall approach.

“When they scored I was gutted because I thought we were the team in the ascendancy, I really did,” said Still.

“But, for the people that know us, we’re Dagenham - we never stop, we never give up.

“I think we’re gradually coming to terms with the league and when you come to places like this, with the greatest respect, whatever you get you’ve got to be delighted with.

“There’s a bit of a disappointment because I thought apart from the first 20 minutes, when they could have had two or three, they had a terrific 20 minutes, but I think we had a terrific 45 minutes.

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“For the away team, we didn’t come to defend, we came to attack and all we did was try to win the game. That’s really important to me that we try to do it the right way.”

Daggers’ first goal also came in injury time, at the end of the first half, and Still admitted he was surprised to see the referee give a penalty when Therry Racon collided with Bas Savage.

“If I’m honest, it looked a bit soft,” he said.

“Anywhere else on the pitch I think he’d have given a free kick, but from where I was - which was a long way away - I thought it looked a bit soft.

“That shouldn’t detract from us deserving what we got though.”