Cyclist posts video of confrontation with car passenger on Romford roundabout on Youtube

A cyclist has posted video footage of himself being confronted by a car passenger.

The cyclist, who only wants to be named as kmcyc uploaded the footage on Youtube after the incident near the Brewery shopping centre in Romford last Wednesday July 27 and it has already generated 12,000 hits.

Cyclist Kmcyc’s wife, said: “I find the video very frightening and I keep on worrying that one day I am going to get a call saying that something really bad has happened to him and with people like this around it is very scary.”

The footage shows the cyclist approaching the roundabout on London Road, ROmford when he is confronted by the driver and a passenger of a silver Ford Fiesta.

The footage then shows the passenger getting out of the car and then going over to the cyclist.

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The footage has attracted lots of comments from many cyclists with some even linking it to cycling forums.

Kmcyc said: “It left a bad taste apologising for nothing. Still words are only words at least it didn’t come to what it so easily looked like it would and my lack of physical reaction brought a peaceful end to the incident.”

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Kmcyc, who has been cycling for more than 12 years, installed a camera on his helmet about two years ago after a series of near misses with drivers,

The video footage has already been handed into the police and people who have seen the footage are circulating it.

Kmcyc said: “It is crazy that someone would behave like this”

“You hear a lot about cyclist blackspots but this is crazy when you see something like this happening first hand.”

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