Young rider robbed of motorbike in Upminster by three men and woman

A young motorcyclist was robbed of his bike by a gang of drunken louts, including one woman.

The 20-year-old was riding his red 125cc Yamaha YBR in Deyncourt Gardens, off Hall Lane, Upminster, when his path was blocked by a “dark car” driving in the opposite direction, police said.

Three men and a woman jumped out of the vehicle and surrounded the terrified youngster, at around 11pm on Saturday.

One man took the keys of the bike, forced the youngster off and jumped on.

Another man threatened to stab the rider, from Upminster, if he did not co-operate - although no weapon was shown.

The woman took the victim’s helmet and she rode pillion on the stolen bike.

The rest of the gang fled the scene by car.

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The bike was found abandoned not long after outside Upminster rail station, in Station Road.

“This was a nasty, unprovoked attack on a young man making his way home,” said a Havering Police spokesman.

“We are appealing for witnesses; it would be quite an unusual sight to see a man with no helmet riding with a passenger who was wearing one.”

He added: “It would seem the group was drunk, as one of them dropped a bottle of alcohol, which smashed, during the incident.”

Anyone with information should contact Romford police station on: 0300 123 12 12.