Upminster pub manager held at gunpoint in aggravated burglary

The Jobber's Rest pub in Upminster. Photo: Google Maps

The Jobber's Rest pub in Upminster. Photo: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

The manager was told that if she opened the safe she wouldn’t get hurt.

The manager of an Upminster pub was held at gun point and told to hand over cash in an aggravated burglary last night.

Police told the Recorder that the incident happened at 11.25pm last night (Sunday, February 25) at the Jobber’s Rest pub in St Mary’s Lane.

The manager of the pub was sitting in the office alone when the window was smashed, and the suspects leant in through the window with one of them holding a black handgun.

The suspects then told the manager that if she opened the safe she wouldn’t get hurt.

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According to a police spokeswoman the suspects grabbed the cash off the work bench in front of the manager, and then demanded the cash from the safe.

The manager then opened the safe and handed over the cash - meaning that in total £2,704.88 was taken by the suspects.

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The suspects were described as being males with an Essex accent and were both were wearing black and red gloves with their hoods up and faces covered.

During the burglary the suspects never went inside of the office and just leant through the window the whole time.

While the burglars leant into the office window, one of the members of staff at the pub saw what was happening and ran downstairs to inform the other staff, who ran outside.

The two men were then heard jumping down and getting into a vehicle which could not be seen, and drove off towards Upminster.

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