UPDATE: 100-year-old robbed in Romford tells of terror

�Callous thugs dragged a 100-year-old woman from her wheelchair in a disabled toilet and robbed her – days after her birthday.

Great-great grandmother Emily Fisher was left shaken and upset after four burly thieves snatched �200 from her bag at the Debenhams �department store in Market Place, Romford, on Thursday of last week.

Her daughter, Jan Hollier, is planning to lodge an official complaint with the high street chain, claiming a �security guard refused to tackle the robbers.

The Age UK charity �described the attack as “appalling” and called on the �authorities to act.

Widow Emily, of Dagenham, said: “I was upset. I wasn’t very well, but I feel better now – I’m getting over it.”

Emily, who turned 100 on July 28, had withdrawn the cash – intended for shopping and bills – from Halifax Bank, in Market Place, at around 2.45pm.

Emily believes she was watched and followed from the bank by four men and a woman, before the attackers struck when she and Jan were in disabled toilets in Debenhams.

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Tube map

A woman placed a Tube map over Emily’s knees and then four men rushed in, �separating mum and daughter, before hoisting the stricken OAP out of her chair.

Jan, who had rushed to get help from security, said: “They ganged up on her. Mum said ‘Leave me alone’.

“They’re so cold. There were five robbers – some big men. It’s disgusting.”

She added: “The security guard didn’t want to know.”

Age UK London chief executive Samantha Mauger said: “It is a terrible thing when people resort to harming those who can least defend themselves for their own �personal gain, especially in such a public place.”

Police are hunting five �suspects – four men and a woman – of east European origin.

Det Con Barry Carter said: “The incident has left the �victim and her daughter �extremely shaken.”

Michael Jacobs, deputy store manager, said: “Debenhams Romford takes the well-being of its customers very seriously and we believe we did everything we possibly could to assist Jan Hollier and her mother as soon as Jan made us aware of the �incident.”

n Witnesses to the incident can call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.