Two Romford men to face prison sentences for dangerous driving after pedestrian killed on Redbridge A12

The junction in Eastern Avenue, Redbridge, where Mohammad Abdul Muqtadir was killed in a crash. Inse

The junction in Eastern Avenue, Redbridge, where Mohammad Abdul Muqtadir was killed in a crash. Inset: The Redbridge Islamic Centre, where Mr Muqtadir had been praying. Police particularly want to speak to people who left this mosque around the time Mr Muqtadir died. Picture: Ajay Nair; Google - Credit: Archant

Two dangerous drivers from Romford are facing jail after an elderly man was knocked down and killed by a BMW speeding at nearly 80mph on the A12 in Redbridge.

Night-shift workers Stephen Richards, 43, and Glenn Donovan, 34, were going twice the 40mph limit when 78-year-old Mohammed Muqtadir was hit as he crossed the A12 after leaving morning prayers.

Shortly before the crash on April 7 last year, Donovan was seen driving his Volkswagen Scirocco erratically, changing lanes and “tailgating” Richards’ BMW as they travelled along the eastbound carriageway, the Old Bailey was told.

When they reached the Redbridge roundabout, Donovan pulled out in front of Richards and swerved just before the BMW crashed into Mr Muqtadir at a crossing, jurors heard.

Donovan was then seen to drive off at speed.

Prosecutor Sarah Przybylska told the jury the signal for pedestrians was red at the time, but Mr Muqtadir must have believed he had time to cross safely before the oncoming cars.

She said: “In fact, both vehicles were being driven at high speed, in excess of 79mph, and they reached the crossing before Mr Muqtadir had finished crossing the road.

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“The car driven by Donovan crossed first, passing within a short distance of Mr Muqtadir. The car driven by Richards crossed second and struck Mr Muqtadir, who died at the scene.”

When police tracked down Donovan, he told them he had left work in Stratford at about 5.40am and did not notice anything out of the ordinary as he drove home.

Richards had pleaded guilty to causing Mr Muqtadir’s death by dangerous driving but Tube points technician Donovan had denied it, although he admitted dangerous driving.

He told jurors he did not realise he was driving so fast and denied he was racing with fire alarm engineer Richards’ 3 Series BMW.

The jury found Donovan not guilty of causing the pensioner’s death.

He was given bail until he is sentenced for dangerous driving, alongside Richards, in the new year.

Judge Zoe Smith said: “I want to make this clear this was such excessive speed it does make it very serious indeed.”