Two more resign over fraud scandal at Havering Council

Havering Town Hall.

Havering Town Hall. - Credit: Archant

An ongoing fraud scandal at Havering Council has resulted in two more workers resigning following internal investigations.

Between July and September, 13 new referrals were made internally, six of which were handed over to the criminal fraud team.

In total, seven staff members were found to have committed fraud. Two resigned, two were disciplined and three were given management action plans.

The revelations are the latest in a continuing saga within the town hall. Between April and June, one worker resigned, two were disciplined and four were put on action plans after internal investigations.

And in June, the Recorder revealed the council had taken action against 34 of the 59 staff members investigated for fraud in 2014/15.

Of those, two were sacked, six resigned, nine were disciplined and one was prosecuted.

The council has now explained their processes surrounding fraud.

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A spokeswoman said: “All new employees receive fraud awareness training as part of their induction including when and how to report fraud and guidance on their own expected standards of behaviour.

“If an employee is suspected of fraudulent activity we use data matching tools and other methods to determine if there is any substance to the allegations.

“The team of qualified criminal investigators liaise with other external bodies and government agencies, including the police where necessary, to establish the facts and progress the investigation accordingly.

“Where fraudulent activity is established to a criminal standard and is in the public interest, we seek redress through prosecution, including proceeds of crime recovery, as well as disciplinary or civil proceedings as appropriate.”