Train operator c2c is most punctual in UK with 97% of trains on time

C2C rain at Fenhcurch Street

C2C rain at Fenhcurch Street - Credit: C2C promo

Train operator c2c has remained the most punctual in the UK, according to latest Network Rail figures.

In the four weeks up until August 22, 97 per cent of c2c trains – which runs services through Rainham and Upminster – arrived on time, an improvement on this time last year.

Overall in the past 12 months 97.1pc of c2c services were on time compared to the national average of 89.6pc.

Managing director Julian Drury said: “More trains are arriving on time across the rail industry, and c2c is no exception to this.

“This is good news for c2c and our passengers, as well as for all of east London and south Essex.

“A reliable and punctual train service is an essential part of the local infrastructure that helps to deliver strong economic growth, and allows the region to reach its full potential.”