Thieves stole bike from scene of Upminster road accident

An Upminster pensioner who was knocked off his bike in a road accident is appealing for the return of his cycle taken by thieves while he was being treated in hospital.

Retired police officer Ian Hutchinson, 69, was riding home from the gym when he was hit from behind by a car, in St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, last Thursday (September 6).

A passing motorist moved the bike, a blue Saracen mountain bike, from the middle of the road to the grass verge before taking Mr Hutchinson to his Front Lane home.

From there he was taken by ambulance to Queen’s Hospital, in Rom Valley Way, Romford.

“My wife Moira and the police went to retrieve the bike but they found it had been stolen,” said Mr Hutchinson. “I am so disappointed that somebody could do something like that.

“It really shows you how low somebody can sink.

“I don’t know the full extent of the damage to the bike, but it would have been fairly obvious it had been involved in an accident.”

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He added: “The police have made enquiries with people and businesses in the area, and they’re fairly confident the bike has been stolen.”

Mr Hutchinson, who recovering at home from a broken collarbone and cuts and bruises, said the ten-year-old bike - worth around �750 - was his main mode of transport.

“It’s a practical problem for me,” said Mr Hutchinson. “I use the bike every day and I like to keep fit - now that’s been taken away.”

He added: “The accident itself was bad enough but to find out my bike was taken from the scene makes it even worse.”

Mr Hutchinson thanked the motorist, who he knows only as Claire, who stopped to help him.

Anyone with information about the bike should contact Havering Police on: 101.