Thieves steal from 41 high-value cars in Brentwood after keys left in ignitions

Essex Police are advising drivers not to leave keys in the ignition after a spate of car thefts. Pic

Essex Police are advising drivers not to leave keys in the ignition after a spate of car thefts. Picture: PA - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Thieves have stolen from 41 high-value vehicles from the Brentwood area after keys were left in the ignition.

Essex Police are appealing for information about the thefts, which have happened after owners have left their cars running while they go into a shop or to a cashpoint.

And often they have also left their wallet, mobile phone, containing their contacts, diary and even bank account details in the car and find insurance companies are refusing to pay out, leaving them thousands of pounds out of pocket.

In Brentwood thieves stole from 41 vehicles and stole 10 cars in May. They have also stolen from 65 cars in the Epping Forest area, with 18 cars stolen.

PC Steve Thomas said: “People must help themselves by ensuring they don’t become needless victims of crime rather than allowing thieves to help themselves to their property.

“Opportunist thieves and career criminals don’t need any invitation to offend; they will seize upon any lapse in security no matter if it’s intentional or pure forgetfulness.

“We are urging people to keep their cars locked, items out of sight and doors and windows closed and secured.”

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Police have advised drivers to keep doors locked and windows shut ones parked, and boots and sunroofs closed and locked when leaving your vehicles.

They also advised not to leave valuables on display and hiding radios, sat-nav systems, mobile phones and laptops.

Anyone with information about these thefts is asked to contact investigating officers on 101.

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