Teenagers stabbed after car chase through Harold Hill

Two teenagers were stabbed after a car chase around an estate in Harold Hill on Wednesday night.

Police said two boys, aged 17, had been chased by at least two men for a period of time.

They were called to the scene in Dulverton Road at about 9pm on Wednesday night (June 6).

Witnesses said they saw the two boys run into the flats in Dartsfield Road.

They were later chased by cars, which pulled up, and men followed them on foot to a garden in Dulverton Road, where the alleged stabbing took place.

Callum Orr said: “A black Land Rover drove up and two lads ran into the flats. They came out, and another car chased them around back again. Two lads jumped out of that car and chased them on foot. Another car came around and two people started chasing them. They had been driving recklessly, like mad men.

“They caught up with them and chased them into a garden. It then looked like they were beating them with cricket bats. Someone said they had seen boys running with knives.”

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Police said the victims suffered minor puncture wounds to the leg, arm and head. One of the men has suffered a possible broken arm.

London Ambulance Service attended and took them to an east London hospital.

Witnesses said they saw about three ambulances, a helicopter, and about 20 police officers and police dogs.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of a stabbing-related offence and were in custody today (Thursday), but police said they are still looking for the perpertrators of the attack.

Police are appealing to any members of the public who witnessed this offence or with any knowledge of this matter to contact the CID at Romford Police Station on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.