Teenager subjected to assault from fellow pupils at Havering secondary school

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A pupil at a secondary school in Havering was so traumatised after she was assaulted by fellow students that she immediately left the school.

A 14-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted assaulting the girl in an incident at the school, which also cannot be named, on May 25.

On Wednesday, December 28, Barkingside Magistrates Court heard that the fight, which broke out in the girls’ changing room was instigated by another pupil.

That student has already accepted a police caution and two more teenagers have been charged in relation with the incident.

During the attack, the 14-year-old girl attempted to punch the girl and kicked her in the back once she was on the floor.

The victim was rushed to hospital and suffered bruises to her cheeks, forehead, abdomen and legs.

She immediately left the school, and is now being homeschooled, which she says is having an impact on her education.

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The court heard that the victim and the two girls had previously been friends but had drifted apart.

Following the incident, the 14-year-old has now moved schools and told the court that she hopes to perform well in her exams.

She was given a eight-month referral order.