Spurs fan Aiden O’Mahony was stabbed after defending barmaid in Hornchurch pub, court hears

Aiden Mahony, known to friends as Oggy, was stabbed in January

Aiden Mahony, known to friends as Oggy, was stabbed in January - Credit: Archant

A Tottenham Hotspur fan was stabbed in the heart after he stepped in to defend a barmaid from an enraged drinker a court heard today (Tues).

Prosecutor David Jeremy QC told the Old Bailey that railway worker Aiden O’Mahony, 60, was stabbed to death after telling 31-year-old James Roberts “You don’t treat a lady like that” at JJ Moon’s Wetherspoons pub in High Street, Hornchurch, on the afternoon of Sunday January 10 this year.

Roberts of Ambleside Avenue, Elm Park, denies murder.

Mr O’Mahony, known to friends as Oggy, had been watching Spurs play Leicester at the time of the attack.

Roberts, who was sitting with his father, had grown increasing agitated during a row about his parenting skills. He was asked to leave by the barmaid and responded by holding an object to her face and threatening her.

When Mr O’Mahony intervened, Roberts replied “Come on then I will have the lot of you outside”, the court heard.

CCTV cameras captured Roberts walking to the door followed by his father and Mr O’Mahony.

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At the doorway Roberts turned and stabbed the victim once in the chest with a four-inch long knife, jurors were told.

Mr Jeremy QC said: “There was no reason for stabbing a man to death who was peaceably enjoying a drink with friends while watching a football match.

“The two men didn’t know each other. The explanation for what happened lies in the defendant’s mood that afternoon.

“He was aggressive and progressively became enraged. He first took out his temper on his own father. He then became very aggressive towards a barmaid.

“It just so happened that the final object of his aggression was Mr O’Mahony who had done no more than object to the way in which he treated the barmaid.”

CCTV shows some customers trying to barricade the entrance as Roberts tried to return while others tend to the dying Mr O’Mahony.

Roberts discarded his top in a nearby park before heading to a local chicken takeaway and buying a can of drink.

He then began boasting to a group of teenage boys about his exploits, the court heard.

Mr Jeremy said: “His hands are covered in blood and he demonstrates a headbutting action.

“He smiles and laughs while he talks to them and appears to be describing how he came to be bloodied.”

The trial continues.