Safer neighbourhood police give talk to beaver pack in Hornchurch

Officers from Hacton ward Safer Neighbourhood Team attended the Scout Hall in Chelmsford Drive, Upminster, to give a security presentation to members of the 8th Hornchurch Beaver Pack.

Subjects covered included safety on roads and streets, as well as when travelling in cars.

In preparation for the six to eight-year-old childrens’ safety badge, the Hacton Team explained the importance of home security to the group, and advised on how to use a security marker pen and set a timer switch.

Each Beaver was given a pen to take home and was also asked to complete a “is my home safe“ survey form which was used alongside school firework safety presentations.

Hacton SNT have further visits planned for all of their local Beaver and Cub packs in the future and have asked the Safer Transport Team to join them at the events – as they did at this one.

PCSO Alan Pick said: “This was a great event for us to attend and although the Beavers are the youngest of the Scout groups, they were very attentive and showed a great deal of interest in the subjects that were being discussed.”