Romford police find stolen goods thanks to their owners marking them with ultraviolet pens

Romford police recovered stolen goods in Dagenham thanks to their owners using ultraviolet property markers on them.

The electrical equipment was found in a suspect’s house by officers investigating a spate of Romford burglaries.

Sgt Neal Donoho said: “Residents can mark their valuable electrical goods using ultraviolet pens.

“The script is invisible to the naked eye but lights up under ultraviolet light making police officer’s jobs easier to identify stolen goods and reunite the property with the owner.”

Residents can use their house name or number followed by the postcode.

There are a wide variety of property marking kits available to buy on the internet from invisible options like UV pens to permanent visible markings like engraving.

Traditionally the autumn and winter months see an increase in the number of burglary related offences.

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