Romford man detained in hospital for sex attack on four-year-old girl

A 24-YEAR-OLD man who subjected a four-year-old girl to a horrific sex attack has been ordered to be detained in hospital.

The order was made by a judge at Basildon Crown Court today by Judge John Lodge after he was told that surgeons had to be called in to treat the girl after the attack.

David Price, now 25, of Knightsbridge Road, Romford, who the judge was told suffers from a “mental disorder” admitted assault on the girl by penetration and a further charge of rape was ordered to remain on the court file. Originally Price had claimed that the offence was carried out by another man with learning difficulties.

After he was sentenced on Thursday, October 21, the victim’s families rounded angrily on the sentence. A family member said: “He should be in a prison. There’s no justice there. I get more going through a red light.”

Passing sentence Judge Lodge said: “This was penetration of a young child causing such injuries surgery was deemed appropriate and the starting point is a custodial sentence.”

However, he said that, he had heard psychiatric evidence and continued: “I am satisfied the defendant is suffering from a mental disorder - learning difficulties accompanied by aggressive and irresponsible conduct which amounts to a mental disorder within the meaning of the Mental Health Act.”

He imposed a Hospital Order under Section 37 and a restriction order - until further order - under Section 41, both of the Mental Health Act.

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Judge Lodge also ordered Price remain on the sex offenders register indefinitely but said a sexual offences prevention order was “premature” though that could be reviewed when Price was set free.

Prosecutor Diana Pigot said the offence took place on August 31, last year at Harold Hill.

She said that initially the girl was in too much pain to be examined and finally underwent a general anaesthetic at hospital which revealed a tear to her vaginal wall requiring stitches.

When arrested and interviewed, Price denied “any wrongdoing” and named a friend but there was no DNA which matched the other man and Price was interviewed again.

He then admitted he was “very remorseful” blamed “voices in my head” and also said he suffered from dyslexia and mental health problems.

Dr Evan Yacoub, consultant psychiatrist, told the judge there was a three-way treatment for Price involving medication, psychological and “social function” treatment.

Yasin Patel, mitigating, urged the judge to follow the recommendation of the psychiatrists which involves treatment at the John Howard Centre, Hackney.