Romford and Rainham men arrested in connection with Brentwood church rave

Essex, UK. 5th January 2021. Inside the 500 year old All Saints Church in East Horndon, Essex, which

All Saints Church was left damaged and in a state after the illegal rave of New Year's Eve. - Credit: Ricci Fothergill

A Romford man, 35, and a man from Rainham, 39, have been arrested on suspicion of burglary in connection with an illegal New Year's rave at a Brentwood church.

They are the fifth and sixth people to be arrested linked to the event.

RRC wk01 brentwood front

All Saints Church in East Horndon was broken into on New Year’s Eve, attended by hundreds of people in breach of the Government’s Covid-19 regulations.

The other four people previously arrested on suspicion of burglary have been released under investigation while police continue enquiries.

Three were arrested on suspicion of drugs and public order offences, music equipment was seized and police continue to try to trace the organisers, and another on suspicion of burglary.

The church was left in a state. An illegal copy of the keys to the church were taken, which will involve a new lock being fitted, at a cost of £1,000.

A window was broken and used for an air extraction, the walls were damaged when blacking out the windows, and the electrics were tampered with to power their equipment.

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There was also evidence of drug use,  rubbish everywhere, gas canisters and the surrounding ground was dug up.

The church managed to raise £21,000 for repairs in just a few days.