'Appalling' flytipping hotspot at Romford pub cleared as site's future remains uncertain

Durham Arms

The Durham Arms pub is at 101 Brentwood Road in Romford. - Credit: Jane Keane

Flytipping plaguing a vacant Romford pub has been cleared following multiple complaints. 

Hope Mendy, 29, and Jane Keane, 56 - both from Labour's St Alban's action team - said people in the ward felt The Durham Arms pub in Brentwood Road had been left in an “appalling state”.  

Jane said it was "blighting the neighbourhood, encouraging vermin, fly-tipping and antisocial behaviour”.

Durham Arms

Rubbish left for collection at the side of The Durham Arms pub. - Credit: Jane Keane

Since speaking to this newspaper, Jane said the site has now been cleared. 

Conservative councillor Judith Holt and Conservative candidate for St Alban's Aaron Young said they had also complained to the council about the "increasing mess" outside the pub.  

Judith Holt and Aaron Young

Conservative councillor Judith Holt and Conservative candidate for St Alban's Aaron Young have distributed over 1,000 petitions in the local area. - Credit: Judith Holt

Havering Council's planning enforcement team visited the site on February 10 and asked the owner to address the mess immediately. 

A spokesperson confirmed it will "continue to work with the property owner to address the condition of the site”. 

Durham Arms

Dumped mattresses outside The Durham Arms in Romford. - Credit: Jane Keane

This comes after newly submitted plans could see the disused pub reopen and its first floor turned into a five-room house in multiple occupation (HMO) to house staff members. 

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Previously the pub owner had wanted to turn the site into a supermarket with a single-storey rear extension, but both his application and appeal were refused.

Mehmet Demir, who is listed on the council's planning portal as the applicant for the new plans, said he has sold the pub after struggling with the costs of the site for the past seven years. 

The 38-year-old would own the first-floor flats, if they are approved, and said he would like the ground floor to be running as a pub, but remains cautious. 

Cllr Holt and Aaron have launched a petition over the future of site.

In a joint statement. they said: "Although we would like to see the building brought back into community use, we want to know whether our residents think this is appropriate for the area.” 

Labour's St Alban's action team

Jane Keane, 56, and Hope Mendy, 29, from Labour's St Alban's action team. - Credit: Jane Keane

Jane said Labour's St Alban's action team will oppose the application, as they believe it "does not meet the adopted Local Plan policy eight on HMOs and ought to be refused by the council".

"In fact, we think the applicant has submitted these plans prematurely," she said.

"We think the application should be withdrawn until the pre-application process is completed to the satisfaction of the council's planning officers.

"Until then the applicant should secure the site, keep it clean and manage it safely."

Flytipping can be reported online at https://www.havering.gov.uk/info/20013/environmental_issues/126/keeping_havering_clean

View the application for the Durham Arms with P0188.22