Romford driver Darren Harris accused of killing Collier Row grandfather Peter Scott by running him over

A Romford man is accused of driving dangerously and killing a grandfather by running him over.

Darren Harris, 38, of White Hart Lane, Romford, was in Basildon Crown Court yesterday (Monday) on two counts of causing death by dangerous driving and death by careless driving.

He pleaded not guilty to both counts.

The court heard that he allegedly knocked down Peter Scott, in Collier Row Lane, on January 10, last year.

The prosecution argues that Harris was talking on the phone and speeding at the time of the incident, stopping momentarily, then driving off.

Prosecution barrister Jonathan Polnay said in his opening statement: “Mr Harris ran over Mr Scott in the middle of the road killing him.”

He added that although Mr Scott was not wearing light coloured or reflective clothing, the area was well lit and there was a clear view of the crossing.

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“As Mr Scott approached the middle of the road he was hit by Mr Harris’ car.

“It appears Mr Harris didn’t brake when he hit Mr Scott. The impact on the car was damage to the front offside.

“He literally ran him over and Mr Scott was thrown into the air.”

Mr Scott, 60, of Collier Row Lane, received injuries to the chest, shoulders and pelvis, and was pronounced dead at the scene an hour later.

Harris appeared at a police station three hours later, where he was arrested and questioned.

Phone records showed that Harris received a call at 5.29pm, which lasted for a minute and 53 seconds, finishing at 5.30pm.

A call to the ambulance service by a witness was made at 5.31pm. The prosecution argued that if Harris was not on the phone at the time of the crash, he was finishing it or putting his phone away.

“Mr Harris’ driving was dangerous. He couldn’t have been paying attention at all to what was around him. There was some distance that he must have been able to see Mr Scott in the middle of the road, but he didn’t.

“If he wasn’t using the phone the call must have just finished. Was he putting the phone away or moving?”

The trial continues.