Romford doctor must pay �1million for illegally selling slimming pills

A STRUCK off woman doctor who illegally sold slimming pills from clinics all over the country has been ordered to pay over a million pounds.

Sudesh Madan, 57, of Homeway, Romford, who was jailed for 18 months earlier this year, must now sell two properties she owns or face an extra four years behind bars.

At St Albans Crown Court today, (Tuesday October 26), prosecutor Charles White said it had been agreed with the defence that Madan had benefited by �1,050,000 from selling the pills.

He said available assets - in the form of two properties - amounted to �1,050,000. “One property is on the market. The other is not yet on the market,” he said.

Madan, who has recently been released from prison, was not in court as Judge Stephen Gullick gave her until April 24 next year to pay.

She faces an extra four years in jail if the money is not handed over.

Defence barrister Andrew Kerry said he thought it was unlikely they would be sold within the maximum six month period and said it is likely he would return to court to ask for extra time for Madan to pay.

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The banned doctor was caught when one of her customers killed a pedal cyclist in a road accident.

Slimming tablets prescribed by “Dr” Madan had been found in the Fiesta car driven by Debra Kelly, 38, who had hit and killed bike rider Kenneth Lush, 47, on the A414 in Hertfordshire on May 13 last year.

Although there was no evidence to suggest the tablets had any effect on the driver or contributed in any way to the accident the police launched an undercover investigation.

Madan, who had been involved in slimming clinics across the UK since the mid 1980s, was approached by officers. She admitted she had prescribed the driver 75mg of Phenatimine and 30mg of Diethylpropion.

They discovered “Dr Madan” had been struck off by the General Medical Council in November 2001 and had not been allowed to practice since that day.

She had flouted medical guidelines when she ran Look Right slimming clinics in the North West of England and Wales by selling banned Duramine appetite suppressant pills. They had been bought by an underweight schoolgirl, an epileptic and a 17stone factory worker.

An undercover police officer called Leanne made an appointment to see her in Welwyn Garden City on November 19. The officer, who was wearing a secret recording device, paid Madan �40 for five white Phenatimine and two pink Diethylpropion pills.

She and another undercover officer called Phil went back on November 26, again making a secret recording. Phil paid a total of �80 for 13 pink and one white tablets and 40 water tablets. Leanne paid �40 for four pink tablets and one water tablet.

Madan was arrested on December 10 last year. She admitted she had been struck off and was not entitled to supply the drugs. She had �46,000 in cash hidden under her bed and 40,000 weight loss pills stored at her home.

Madan pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying a controlled drug of Class C and four counts of possessing a controlled drug of Class C with intent to supply.

At the time of her arrest Herts police warned anyone who had been prescribed slimming pills by Madan to contact their GP or pharmacist.