Jailed: Woman raped by two men in 'depraved' set-up

Eloi Sesay (pictured), 32, of Wood Street in Waltham Forest

Eloi Sesay (pictured), 32, of Wood Street in Waltham Forest and Olamide Oluwajana, 33, of Penn Gardens in Romford, were sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on May 23 - Credit: Metropolitan Police

Two men have been sentenced after a woman was raped in Waltham Forest in a "callous and depraved set-up".

A court heard how a 23-year-old woman was lured to an address where she was raped and assaulted. The men used a WatsApp chat group to plan the attack. 

Olamide Oluwajana, 33, of Penn Gardens in Romford, and Eloi Sesay, 32, of Wood Street in Waltham Forest, were sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday (May 23).

Sesay was given eight years imprisonment for rape and Oluwajana was sentenced to two years' imprisonment, suspended. 

Both men had previously been convicted at the same court on May 6. 

On September 21, 2019, the victim had agreed to attend a gathering in Walthamstow with a 25-year-old man she had been talking to online for four to five months. 

The man picked her up as arranged and drove her to an address where Sesay and Oluwajana were waiting. 

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The victim enquired about the gathering but was told others would be arriving later on. 

During the course of the evening the woman entered a bedroom and had consensual sex with the man she had met online.

Sesay then entered the bedroom and when the woman’s online acquaintance moved away, Sesay took his place on the bed and raped her.

Oluwajana also entered the room while the rape was taking place and sexually assaulted the woman.

In her struggle to escape the attack, the woman snapped one of her acrylic fingernails.

She got dressed and left the property on foot, going to Wood Street Station and from there to a friend's house. 

She reported the rape on September 22, 2019.

An investigation was subsequently launched and, during a search of the scene, police found the victim’s fingernail which broke off as she made her escape.

Officers also found a picture of the victim taken as she was being assaulted.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Oyasodun said: “There was a clear trail of evidence, including a WhatsApp chat group that clearly showed an element of planning to get women to the address for sex.

“The victim, believing that she had formed a relationship with a man over a number of months, is now a survivor of a depraved and callous set-up that resulted in a terrifying assault.

“The bravery she showed in coming forward is commendable."

Support for victims of rape and sexual assault can be found at shorturl.at/fmpC4