Road side acid attack in Rainham

Sam Boateng pictured after the attack in Rainham on Wednesday night

Sam Boateng pictured after the attack in Rainham on Wednesday night - Credit: Archant

A 23-year-old man could lose the sight in his left eye after he was attacked with acid by a stranger in Rainham last night.

Sam Boateng cannot see out of his left eye, which is “fully closed” and was told by doctors 85 per cent of the cornea – the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil – was damaged.

He was driving back to Rainham on the A1306 after picking up a friend from Tesco Superstore in Leytonstone, at about 7pm, when the driver of a silver van behind him flashed his lights, indicating him to stop.

Mr Boateng stopped in a side street, near the Rainham Premier Inn, which police believed to be Easthall Lane, and the car pulled out next to him.

“He was complaining that my brake lights weren’t working and that he nearly drove into me. I checked the lights but it all seemed to me in working order,” said Mr Boateng.

He said he went up to the driver, who was alone in his vehicle, to tell him there was no problem with his brake lights.

“This is what you get when you drive like a d***head,” said the driver to Mr Boateng, and “squeezed” acid into his eyes, he told the Recorder.

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“He splashed it all over my face,” he said. “I screamed. There was a strong burning sensation.”

“I couldn’t really see and I was in real pain.”

Mr Boateng said he got back into his car and his friend drove him back to his home in Frederick Road, Rainham where the police met him a couple of minutes later.

“My parents took me to the bathroom and tried to wash my face,” he said.

An ambulance was called at 7.25pm and Mr Boateng was taken to Queen’s Hospital, Romford, and treated by the rapid response unit.

“I can get over the incident, but I am concerned about my health and my eye. I hope they catch the guy,” he said.

Mr Boateng was due to see an eye specialist in central London yesterday (Thurs) afternoon.

Police enquiries are on-going. No arrests have been made so far.

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