Rainham pub The Bell Inn has licence revoked after alleged samurai sword attack

The Bell Inn on Rainham Broadway

The Bell Inn on Rainham Broadway - Credit: Archant

The Bell Inn in Rainham has had its licence revoked today after police officers revealed serious concerns regarding high-level crime and disorder at the pub.

The pub in Rainham Broadway initially had its licence temporarily suspended after two men were seriously injured following an altercation there on October 19.

That night, it is alleged that a group of between five and seven men made a man take his clothes off in the pub before attacking him with a cosh and eventually stabbing him in the head with a samurai sword.

The victim was later found at Rainham Station, bleeding from his head. He had suffered a seizure.

Another man was found elsewhere having suffered a stab wound to his hand.

CCTV footage played to the sub-committee also shows men openly snorting Class A drugs in front of the bar, while a black revolver was brandished and a bottle of acid was poured over a urinal in the toilets.

Police officers told the committee there was a high risk of reprisals should the pub stay open.

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A police report states one of the victims “made a comment about burning the pub to the ground” while in an ambulance immediately following the incident.

On October 28, James Marley, 24. of Rainham, was charged with assault, possession of a baton, an offensive weapon, an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear or violence and cannabis in relation to the incident.

Sub-committee chairman Councillor Linda Trew said the failure to uphold the licensing objectives at The Bell Inn had been “particularly serious” before she announced the pub’s licence had been revoked.

She said: “We have considered whether the imposition of additional conditions or a period of suspension will remedy these failures.

“However, the sub-committee is of the view that any such action would be insufficient given the poor management being displayed at the premises.”

She added: “We find Ms Rogers initial account to the police and her account to the sub-committee at odds with the CCTV and also the accounts given by the victims and the suspect to the police.

“We find particularly grave the failure of Ms Rogers to telephone the police in relation to any of the events witnessed or the items discovered on the premises by staff.

“To date, the premises has been managed irresponsibly, and as such the only appropriate and proportionate response is to revoke the premises’ licence.”

The interim closure order placed on the pub at a meeting on October 24 will remain in place temporarily pending any further appeals from the owners.