Rainham councillor blasts drug ‘villains’ when asked to back reforms

Cllr Jeff Tucker has 1,500 pencils with compliments of Jeff Tucker written on

Cllr Jeff Tucker has 1,500 pencils with compliments of Jeff Tucker written on - Credit: Archant

“Villains” who use drugs should get tougher treatment, not help, according to a senior Havering politician.

Norman Baker MP. Picture: Gareth Fuller/PA

Norman Baker MP. Picture: Gareth Fuller/PA - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Independent Resident Group (IRG) leader, Cllr Jeff Tucker, who claims “controversial” is his middle name, has launched a stinging attack on addicts after being asked to sign a Liberal Democrats’ reform plan.

Hornchurch-born former drugs minister Norman Baker MP emailed the Rainham councillor outlining the policy, which is aimed at helping addicts and not sending them to prison.

But it’s safe to say he has not gained the support of Cllr Tucker, whose email response has been seen by the Recorder.

“No no no, I believe Britain is far too soft on drugs and should get much tougher,” he replied. “Drug users and dealers badly let our country down.

“It is fact a lot of people’s life’s are badly affected due to drugs, this is when peoples homes and businesses get broken into, I know because I have been one of those people myself.

“People also get robbed due to drugs and in many cases this effects the victim and the family’s for years to come and in some cases for the rest of that persons life.”

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In the email, Cllr Tucker goes on to ask Mr Baker six questions regarding drugs and drug users – or “villains” as he refers to them.

He also answers the questions himself, revealing he has never taken drugs and believes only prescription drugs are “okay”.

This is not the first disagreement between the pair on the matter of drugs.

Last year, Cllr Tucker claimed that if prison were not a deterrent, people would use drugs as a way to get help – like single mothers with social housing.

“Whose idea was it to reward single mums with council properties? What did that create? More single mums with babies,” he said.

Those comments were branded “utter nonsense” by Fiona Weir, chief executive of single-parent charity Gingerbread, and “ill-informed” by Mr Baker.