Police uncover Rainham chop shop with vehicles worth up to £100,000

Police have seized suspected stolen vehicles in Rainham

Met Police uncovered a 'chop shop' in New Road, Rainham. - Credit: Met Police

Police have recovered vehicles worth up to £100,000 at a suspected Rainham "chop shop".

A chop shop is where stolen vehicles are dismantled either to be sold on or to repair other stolen vehicles.

A £100,000 Range Rover was found in the process of having its identity changed at the site in New Road. Various parts for two other stolen Range Rovers were found.

Met Police

Vehicle parts were being dismantled to be sold on or to repair other stolen cars. - Credit: Met Police

No arrests have been but enquiries continue.

Police raided a workshop in New Road, Rainham

Police found vehicles worth up to £100,000. - Credit: Met Police