Protests against Brentwood abattoir “will continue”

Animal rights protesters who gathered outside Cheale Meats abattoir in Warley on Wednesday will keep protesting against the centre until the authorities take action over alleged abuse.

Organisers say that 30 people attended the five-and-a-half hour protest outside the abattoir in Little Warley Hall Lane. When the Recorder attended at the start there were seven people present.


Two weeks ago charity Animal Aid released footage of abuse of pigs which it claimed was taking place at the abattoir, and called on the government to prosecute the company.

Elmkirk Ltd, which runs the abattoir, said that it had sacked two workers over the incidents but that the footage was edited to make it look worse than it was.

Marcia Hagon, protest organiser, said: “We did see workers coming in and out and also a lorry-load of pigs going to their deaths.”

She claimed that people had travelled from the Midlands and Suffolk for the protest, and that it had received local support as well.

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“We had lots of support from local people driving past, and I think that we may be able to get more support from local people (for another protest) so we’re looking at that.

“We will carry on protesting there and maybe get more local people involved.”

Elmkirk Ltd said last week: “The directors and all staff at Elmkirk Ltd are unequivocal in their condemnation of these acts.

“All staff handling livestock were subject to retraining and audits from major customers and suppliers have been undertaken with full approval of our handling of livestock.”