Professional car racer from Upminster warns of dangers of illegal driving

A professional racing car driver, who used to be a local boy racer is now advising youngsters about the dangers of illegal driving.

Stephen Biagioni, 24, of Upminster, used to race his car his car in the Ferry Lane Industrial Estate, in Rainham, when he was 18, is now a champion car drifter travelling around the world to compete in competitions.

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver over steers while manoeuvring tight turns at speeds approaching 80mph.

Last month The Recorder reported about a security guard’s concerns about boy racing in Rainham. Stephen said illegal driving has its perils, and although he was not involved in any accidents, he did said accidents when hitting kerbs were common.

After he stopped boy racing, he got a sponsor, trained and joined Japspeed – a company that provides car parts for Japanese car enthusiasts.

He now works with the police and fire brigade to educate younger drivers about the dangers if drifting is not done properly and in a controlled place.

He is encouraging other boy racers to drive legally and they could pursue a career in racing.

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He said: “I race in proper competitions on Formula One racetracks and it is safer than doing it on the streets and around roundabouts.

“I gave that up through seeing the light and the dangers so that I could compete, and now I help the police to go to colleges and universities to raise awareness of the dangers of racing illegally.”

Stephen said: “The biggest problem is that kids get cars and they love racing around. It’s exciting and there’s films out there encouraging it.

“It’s what young people love to do, but the police don’t have the power to tackle it properly.

“Hundreds of people park around the area (in the industrial estate) and kids are flying around the roundabouts drifting for fun.”

Stephen now has races in competitions across Europe, and has recently travelled to Portugal, Spain, and is due to go to France to compete in competitions. “It’s a massive sport and it is growing across Europe and America. My job is to encourage young drivers to do it safely and legally so they can also compete.”