Police to arm Havering residents with their own speed guns to catch offending drivers

Kerri Warne community roadwatch volunteer with the speed gun

Kerri Warne community roadwatch volunteer with the speed gun - Credit: Archant

Speeding drivers could soon be caught out by their neighbours, family or friends laying in wait with hand-held speed guns.

Havering Safer Transport Team is set to launch a speed awareness program called Community Road Watch.

The scheme allows members of the public to work alongside police using a speed gun to target motorists.

Traffic police community support officer Rob Brown said: “It’s probably quite nice to complain about the issue of speeding, but this is a great opportunity for people to help us resolve it.

“Police have not got the time to carry out the checks everywhere in the borough all the time, so help from a pool of volunteers is useful.

“If I was a resident who saw a lot of speeding vehicles in roads near me then I would like the opportunity to learn about it.”

Volunteers will document vehicle registration numbers of speeding vehicles and then the registered keeper will receive a warning letter from the police.

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Persistent offenders will receive up to two warning letters, and on a third occasion, offenders can expect further action in the form of a mandatory speed awareness course.

“This is a friendlier and educated way of resolving the issue,” said PCSO Brown.

“The idea is to make drivers aware of the implications speeding can have, rather than just penalising them with points on their licence.”

Havering is one of the last boroughs in London to start the Transport for London (TfL) funded scheme, but trials like this are expected to become weekly.

PCSO Brown is now asking willing volunteers to get in touch if they are interested in helping.

The launch day is on Saturday October 15 at 11.30am at the junction of Thurloe Gardens and Wheatsheaf Road, Romford.

To contact PCSO Brown, email rob.brown@met.pnn.police.uk