Investigation into Collier Row woman's death reopened

Joanna Bailey on a trip to London

Police have reopened an investigation into the death of Collier Row woman Joanna Bailey in a private hospital in Norfolk. - Credit: The Bailey family

Police have reopened an investigation into the death of a Collier Row woman in a private hospital. 

Norfolk Constabulary announced it was reinvestigating the death of Joanna Bailey at Jeesal Cawston Park in 2018. 

An inquest last year heard that after finding Joanna not breathing, staff did not perform CPR. 

Police submitted a case to the Crown Prosecution Service against several staff members, but no charges were brought because “it could not be established whether Joanna was still alive when staff failed to perform CPR,” the force said. 

But in light of a new report condemning Joanna’s treatment at the hospital, police said its “investigative reports will be re-examined". 

“It came as quite a surprise,” said Joanna’s father Keith, who was informed by police on Tuesday, September 14. 

“I’m pleased that they are reopening it. But they said: ‘Don’t get your hopes up too much, because you know what happened last time.’

"If it’s anything like last time, it will be months and months.” 

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After last week's report into the deaths of Joanna and two other patients, the Jeesal Care Corporation said: "The care they received at Cawston Hospital fell far below the standards we would have expected.

"We are deeply sorry that we let the families down.

"We closed Cawston Park Hospital and whilst the property is owned by our holding company, we will never run it as a hospital again nor will we ever operate any other hospital."

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