Police officer bitten by dog in Romford pet shop

A Havering police officer was bitten by what is believed to be a pit bull in pet shop in Romford on

A Havering police officer was bitten by what is believed to be a pit bull in pet shop in Romford on saturday /Credit: Sgt Charlie Routley - Credit: Archant

A Havering police officer was badly bitten on the thigh by a dog in a Romford pet store.

Police were called just before 11.30am on Saturday, after a man and a 12-year-old boy were bitten by what is believed to be a pit bull at the Pets at Home shop, Rom Valley Way, Romford.

One officer was bitten on the thigh by the dog, after putting herself between the animal and members of the public.

The dog was in the shop to see the vet and had been discharged.

The man and the child walked to Queen’s Hospital, Rom Way Valley, Romford, and were treated for minor injuries and the officer was also taken to hospital but has since been discharged and is now back on duty.

The dog was seized by the Wildlife Crime Officer, and has been taken to police kennels.

The owner has been charged over the incident.

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A spokesperson for Pets at Home said: “We were upset and concerned to learn of this incident and will co-operate fully with the police in their ongoing enquiry.

“The in-store vet acted entirely professionally in their treatment of this particular dog and discharged him in the normal way.

“Our policy has always been to allow well-behaved dogs on leads into our stores with their owners and we rely on the owner to maintain appropriate control of their pet at all times, which is their responsibility wherever they are.”

PC Anthony Kiddle, Havering’s Wildlife Crime Officer, said: “The officer showed extreme bravery placing herself in harms way to protect the public from danger.

“Owners of dogs who attack any person can expect to be dealt with robustly through the judicial system. If you feel you can no longer control your dog there are many organisations that can assist you including the Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Defra and the local council.”

A spokeswoman from the Dogs Trust said: “Dogs Trust firmly believes that it is the responsibility of all dog owners to ensure that their dog is kept under control, regardless of the breed of dog.

“It is a legal requirement under the Dangerous Dogs Act for Pit-Bull Terriers on the Index of Exempted [IED] Dogs to be muzzled and kept on a lead in public places.”

Police enquiries are on-going.