Patient, 90, died after falling twice at Romford hospital - inquest verdict

The women suffered no ill-effects, the trust said

The women suffered no ill-effects, the trust said - Credit: Archant

A 90-year-old died as a result of an “accident”, after falling twice while under the care of Queen’s Hospital, a coroner ruled.

John Wayre, of Hubert Road, Rainham was admitted to the hospital in Romford, on May 16, 2012, after he collapsed while taking a bath at home.

He was later found unresponsive on his bed on June 12 following two falls, of which the family had not been made aware.

An inquest, held at Walthamstow Coroner’s Court, Queens Road, Walthamstow on Thursday, heard that Craig Ware, a student nurse, was assisting Mr Wayre three days after he was admitted when he became disorientated and got out of bed.

On finding Mr Wayre in a nearby ward, he attempted to escort him when he fell after refusing to use a wheelchair.

The elderly man, suffered another fall on May 22, while being examined by Dr M. Smith, who managed to soften the impact.

Mr Smith said: “He just dropped like a stone, with no warning. It was from then that it became clear that his falls were caused by an abnormal heart beat.”

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The patient was scheduled for surgery to fit a pacemaker but the procedure was later cancelled after Mr Wayre became “aggressive”.

His son, John David Wayre, said: “My dad was an excellent chap with a great sense of humour before he became unwell with the onset of dementia. He had been suffering from recurrent falls for two to three years,

“We weren’t told he had fallen in hospital which is what concerned us.”

On being questioned by the family as to why their father was able to move around, Mr Smith, responded: “We can’t restrain people. If they feel well enough to walk around, it would be worse to prevent them from doing so.”

Coroner, Ms Jacqueline Devonish, called a verdict of accidental death, after a post mortem revealed he died from a subdural haematoma, blood developing on the brain.