New street pastor team helps out youngsters on Brentwood nights out

�Young revellers whose nights out in Brentwood take a bad turn can now receive support from some special volunteers.

A new team of street pastors – made up of local people from different churches – could become a regular feature on Brentwood’s streets after receiving praise from the police.

The scheme was launched on Friday of last week when the team helped out with several incidents.

During one, a young woman, who was feeling ill after she combined drink and medication, was helped to calm down and offered support by the pastors while she waited for an ambulance.

In another, the pastors provided a listening ear for a young man, who had travelled from Manchester to find he had the wrong type of footwear for Brentwood clubs.

Brentwood district police commander, Chief Insp Simon Werrett, said: “The street pastors are an inter-denominational church team. They add extra eyes and ears in our community and are individuals who care about what happens in our society.

“They are willing to engage with local people and will look at ways to resolve any issues by liaising with the church, local community leaders and with partner agencies.

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“They hope to build up trust and earn credibility by listening, caring and helping people on our streets in a practical, unconditional way and we, the police, fully support them in their mission.”

Teams of street pastors help in neighbouring Havering and in other areas of Essex where they have been hailed as a force for good.

Essex Police say Chelmsford has seen a significant drop in antisocial behaviour on Friday and Saturday nights since a scheme was set up there.

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