Naked burglar wanted by Brentwood police

Brentwood police are searching for a man who was found naked in a house he had broken in to in Hutton yesterday.

The man was discovered around 3pm in the home in Wainwright Avenue, and is wanted in connection with burglary at this time.

Several police units including a helicopter searched for him after he was discovered, but he remains at large.

Police said they remain puzzled as to why he had no clothes on.

Many residents saw the helicopter hovering over their roads and the Brentwood High Street area shortly after the incident.

One said on Twitter: “There are police swarming everywhere down my road, helicopter is circling.”

A man believed to be the suspect was later seen with black clothes on. One neighbour said: “I heard a noise in the garden and my daughter saw him jumping several back fences. She rang the police.”

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A spokesman for Essex Police said that they have had several witness reports so far and are confident they will catch him.

Anyone with more information about the incident should call Brentwood Police on 0300 333 444.