Police attend Romford burglary and discover cannabis farm

Police in Seabrook Gardens

Police remained in Seabrook Gardens this morning after discovering a cannabis factory inside a residential property. - Credit: Archant

Police have uncovered a cannabis factory in a house in Romford.

Officers were scrambled to Seabrook Gardens last night, June 30, after neighbours reported a burglary in progress.

A resident said this morning that police were called after a van was seen parked up against the house, which neighbours believed was vacant.

“Officers attended and gained entry,” a Met Police spokesperson said.

“Inside they found a large quantity of cannabis plants and a crime scene was put in place.”

Police at Seabrook Gardens in Romford

Police were in Seabrook Gardens this morning after finding a large amount of cannabis plants inside a property. - Credit: Archant

Despite searching the surrounding areas, police did not apprehend any alleged burglars.

Officers remained at the scene this morning.

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“They showed us the plants,” said a neighbour. “They slid open the door on their van and they were inside. They were huge. They were about eight feet high. They reckoned it was a good quarter of a million quid’s worth.”

Police would not confirm the value of the drugs, saying: “Enquiries continue.”