'Very worrying': Investigation launched after council workers accused of fly-tipping

Samantha Avatt confronting Havering Council workers over alleged fly-tipping

Samantha confronting the workers from Havering Council - Credit: Ryan Avatt

An investigation has been launched after council workers were accused of attempting to fly-tip on private land in Rainham.  

On April 14, Ryan and Samantha Avatt - 46 and 41 respectively - claimed they found Havering Council workers trying to fly-tip onto Berwick Ponds Farm at the bottom of their road.  

The parents-of-three live in Eastwood Drive and said the site is frequently targeted by fly-tippers.  

Ryan alleged the workers attempted to dump “grass cuttings and black sacks” onto the field before Samantha confronted them and demanded they take it away.  

He said it’s "shocking and very worrying".

“If everyone does their bit collectively, we can tackle the issue, but if you turn a blind eye, it will carry on," Ryan added.  

“Everyone has to do their bit and report it.”  

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A Havering Council spokesperson said: “We take allegations of this nature extremely seriously and we’re currently looking into the matter. 

“Once we have carried out our investigations, we will consider what actions need to be taken.” 

Previously, the owner of Berwick Ponds Farm told the Recorder he is forced to take “long detours” because the council closed Little Gerpins Lane in 2017 as tactic to address the fky-tipping hotspot.