Internet picture threat to Nags Head Lane ‘doggers’

Angry users of a common on the outskirts of Harold Wood have threatened to take action if people who use it for sexual encounters do not stop.

Part of Tylers Common, Nags Head Lane, near Havering’s border with Brentwood, was made a high priority area for Havering Council’s parks teams in August following complaints.

A user of the common, who didn’t want to be named, contacted the Recorder this week. She said some users may start photographing men who use the area for “dogging” – slang for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so – and putting their pictures on the internet in an attempt to shame them.

She said: “My daughter was riding her horse there and saw two men at it. My daughter’s 18 and she was absolutely disgusted, but some of the children who use the common are just 10 or 11 years old.

“It’s the same night after night and day after day. Local people are seeing groups of two or three men leaving the car park, usually in the afternoon and going into the bushes there.”


The mother who didn’t want to be named added: “It’s getting to the stage where the parents of children who use the common are getting sick and tired of it. I wouldn’t know how, but people are saying that they are going to take photos of people and cars going in there and put them on Facebook or YouTube to act as a deterrent.”

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Another resident said: “At first when the patrols started there was less of it happening, but it does seem to have got worse again. I have heard about the plan to take photos.”

But the publisher of the photos could potentially be sued for defamation.

Cllr Andrew Curtin, Havering Council’s cabinet member for culture, towns and communities said: “The area remains a high priority for us and is regularly patrolled by our parks protection team and the police.”