Illegal immigrant used forged documents to claim �116k from NHS in Havering

An illegal immigrant who used forged identity papers to secure NHS jobs and a sponsored university place in Havering - costing tax payers more than �110k - received a six month suspended jail sentence.

Nursing student Mojisola Madandola, 44, of Vicarage Road, Stratford, produced two different forged passports to work at Havering PCT – now NHS Outer North East London – and to secure an NHS-funded place at London South Bank University, an NHS press release says.

She was paid nearly �95,500 from April 2005 to March 2011, the Inner London Crown Court heard on Wednesday (October 19).

Her tuition fees cost NHS London a further �20,722.

She faced five charges in relation to false applications to the NHS Trust and the university, the production of two forged passports and the possession of a blank counterfeit birth certificate.

She pleaded guilty to three counts and the court left two to remain on file.

Madandola began working for the NHS in February 2002 as a healthcare assistant.

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To support her application she produced a Nigerian passport bearing a purported Home Office stamp which granted her indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The passport also bore a Heathrow immigration officer’s stamp, dated August 1997.

Both were found to be false by the NHS Protect investigation.

A second false passport was used to gain a place at London South Bank.

Investigators checked it with the UK Border Agency and it was confirmed to be false, with a serial number belonging to a genuine document issued to another person in 1994.

Madandola was refused UK residency in 2006, a decision upheld after she appealed.

She was arrested on work placement shift at Whipps Cross Hospital, London.

A search of her home uncovered various documents including the blank, counterfeit UK birth certificate.

On July 8 she was summarily dismissed by NHS Outer North East London.

Mick Hayes, anti-fraud lead at NHS Protect, said: “She may have deprived a genuinely eligible student from taking up a university place and serving the NHS.”