'Stop being so disgusting': Hornchurch mother's outrage at delivery drivers urinating on her house

Delivery driver in SBL-branded high-viz squatting to urinate.

Delivery driver in SBL-branded high-vis squatting to urinate. - Credit: Supplied

A Hornchurch mother has voiced her disgust at delivery drivers urinating at the back of her house. 

Sarah Walter, of Hornchurch Road, says she has had to put signs up instructing people not to urinate on her property after catching four people doing so in the past few months. 

“People need to stop being so disgusting,” she told the Recorder. “All of a sudden the area has become a public toilet."

Sarah said she noticed the problem after security concerns led her to install Ring cameras on the rear of her house, which faces onto a narrow lane. 

She claimed a number of the individuals caught on camera were delivery drivers. 

One woman – who can be seen wearing SBL courier overalls in the Ring footage – was caught yellow-handed by Sarah’s husband Andrew. 

She can be seen putting down two packages, before squatting to urinate.  

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After being told to stop through the Ring camera by Andrew, she apologises, picks up the package and leaves the area. 

According to Sarah, the woman subsequently delivered their packages to their door. 

A spokesperson for SBL Couriers said: “We are concerned to hear this as it is not the level of service we expect from any of the independent contractor drivers we work with.  

“We are investigating and will take appropriate action as necessary.” 

Sarah said the issue was making her home an unpleasant place to live and said she was concerned about her three children – a 10-year-old girl, an eight-year-old girl and a 22-month-old boy. 

“The two girls, they pick up twigs and sticks and think they’re Harry Potter magic wands and throw them in the corner that everyone is peeing on,” she noted. 

Sarah said she had complained to the police, but while she said they had a “good relationship” with their Safer Neighbourhood Team, such issues were “kind of bottom of their list”. 

“I want them to understand there’s a Sainsbury's up the road, don’t come and drop your pants and pee in my back yard,” she said.